Monday, December 16, 2013

Please Welcome My Newest Doll Hannah a Dolls For Downs 18 inch Doll!

After a long and worthwhile wait we welcome Hannah, a Dolls for Down's 18 inch doll , now called Extra Special Dolls to our doll family. Last spring I pre ordered Hannah from the Dolls for Down's Start Up program with funds I earned writing this blog.
Hannah is beautifully made and her photos do not do her justice! I love the personality she shows, she signs I love you and there is so much to love about this doll.
I know so many of you would like to know how Hannah compares to other 18 inch dolls so I am photographing her beside my American Girl Doll so you can see for yourself. What I have observed is that Hannah has less bulk around her bottom so if you are sewing her pants you will need to adjust but elastic will fit perfectly.
The dolls can share clothes easily as you can see in the photo above. Hannah would not be able to fit clothing by Maplelea in the arms as her hand is set in the I love you position which makes for tighter sleeves a no go but she would fit the bottoms really well. Springfield Collection Fashions will also fit Hannah and dolls for downs dolls really well.
Hannah was designed for children with Down Syndrome, as not just a doll that looks like them but a therapy tool as well, she was designed with  fine motor skill enhancing features and clothing. This is part of the reason why  Hannah and Extra Special Dolls/Dolls For Downs dolls are all vinyl. This way they can experience water play. I promise you you will want to hug this doll, despite her not being fiber filled you are sure to fall in love.
I would like to point out that Hannah is a doll I purchased. She was not sent to me to review. I instantly fell in love with this doll and I know you will too. Hannah will now join my working dolly family and be loved and shared with all here on my blog and around the dolly world. I hope you will spread the word about these wonderful dolls so that the joy doll play brings to girls is shared and so beautifully represented. To find out more about Extra Special Dolls /Dolls for Downs please click here. Both Girl and Boy dolls are available.
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  1. I am so glad you purchased one of these extra special dolls. As soon as I saw them, I wanted one. But will have to wait a while to get one. But thank you for reviewing them for us.

  2. She is adorable! I was wondering when you would finally get her! Nice addition to your doll family, Karen! Jean

  3. What a fantastic concept! I wish the faces looked just a bit more like the beautiful children with Downs Syndrome that I know. They are truly some of the cutest kids around.

    It looks like they did a great job on her all-vinyl body. Thanks for sharing them because I had never heard of them before.

  4. I have Hannah too. Her smile is so infectious that every time I look at her I just feel happy. Her hair is very high quality -- much better than any other doll I own. (However, I do not have an American Girl, so I can't compare with those.)

  5. Her hair is fantastic and even better quality in my opinion then the AG wig my doll Ivy has!

  6. Karen, thanks for your review of Hannah! I, too, just had to have one (actually, two...I bought Grace and Matty) of these lovely dolls! I'm over the moon with them...and I've even purchased another for a little girl from church with DS. I'm having "SEW" much fun designing and sewing clothing for them! Besides their having the features of Down Syndrome, my very favorite thing about these dolls is that they are all vinyl...I've always hated seeing cloth bodies peeking out from low-necked or scoop-backed clothing! Princess gowns are going to be AWESOME on these girls! Doll Hugs, ~Janet~

  7. Janet how wonderful! Please email me photos of your work! I love this wonderful doll line and I am so thrilled to hear about your project!

  8. I know someone with Down syndrome