Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Embelish Felt Pillow's For Your Dolls This Holiday! A Tutorial by Karen Mom of Three

Today I wanted to share with you the little pillows I made using Coats & Clark Embroidery Thread, Buttons from Button's Galore & More and Felt from Darice  . This is a fun and easy way to practice your stitches and create adorable pillows for your dolls or add a ribbon and make them into tree ornaments.

To create your own little Embellished Felt Pillows You will need:
-Embroidery thread, I used Coats & Clark Embroidery Thread
-Felt Scraps from Darice
-Buttons from Buttons Galore & More
-An Embroidery Needle
-Fiber Fill
Step 1- select your felt pieces to embroider. I grabbed scrap felt from my bag of scraps from Darice
Step 2- Thread your embroidery needle knot the end of one of your strands of thread. Decide the word you would like to sew, I chose "Joy" as it was easy to sew, then "Love" and Peace". If you are unsure where to sew, use a pencil and sketch it on your felt.
Step 3- Knot the last stitch on the back side of your felt. Then repeat on as many felt squares as you wish.
Step 4-Embelish your pillow front with buttons. I used one
Step 5- Select a backing felt for your pillow, I used a piece that was slightly bigger for the back and centered the embroidered piece. I stitched it into place leaving one end open for stuffing, then stuffed the pillow and sewed the end closed and knotted the final stitch on the back side of the pillow. 

If you want to make these as hanging pillow ornaments you can sew on a ribbon to the back of the pillow or keep as holiday throw pillows for your dolls.
Thank you to Coats and Clark, Buttons Galore & More, and Darice for such wonderful products to work with! You can visit any of their sites by clicking on their names or highlighted words in today's post. Be sure to check my Doll Diaries Post out this Friday for the how to on my Coats and Clark Doll Hairband using Phoomph for Fabric! Ruthie loves her new hairband and so do I!
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