Friday, December 20, 2013

Knit Your Dolls A Scarf Of Ruffles With Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn In Under 1 Hour!

I have fallen in love with the Red Heart Boutique Ribbon Yarn by Coats and Clark. I knit one from the directions on the back of the label for a friend this holiday season and I knew I wanted to make doll sized pattern! This scarf pattern comes together in under 1 hour and you should be able to make multiple scarfs from one ball of yarn. This is the perfect beginning scarf pattern for dolls.  This scarf can be for fancy doll play occasions or casual, paired with your dolls favorite jean jacket!
I bought my yarn from Walmart here in Canada  for under $6 and they had so many wonderful colors in store even this late in December! You can click here to see the colors offered by Red Heart .
To make your own you will need:
- 1 ball of Red Heart Boutique Ribbons Yarn in the color of your choice.
-A Pair of Knitting needles size 5.5 mm or 9 us
-A Ruler
- Your doll
Step 1- Undo your yarn and separate the ties that hold the ribbon yarn together. 
Step 2- Leave about 3 inches of yarn long then cast on 6 stitches.

Step 3- Knit every row until the ribbon yarn forms ruffles that measure 12 inches.
Step 4- Cast off and knot both ends Trim and put on your doll to wear!

I was amazed at how easily and quickly this scarf came together. I love this yarn and can not wait to knit a rainbow of ribbons with this beautiful product!

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  1. That's pretty! I've knit a few Sashay scarves for the dolls with some leftover yarn (3 sts instead of the usual 6 sts), but yours is extra-nice because the ribbon yarn is more to-scale for the dolls.

  2. That is cool yarn - I have to go find some! Plus thanks to your tutorial, it looks very easy!

  3. Cute! That blue is gorgeous on her