Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now That Christmas Is Over Time To Get Ready To "Bling In The New Year!" With Darice's Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Applicator! Tutorial and Product Review

Well the coolest new tool in my craft box is the Darice Rhinestone Setter from 
This little tool is going to help me "Bling in the New Year" with Today's T-Shirt Craft

To make your own 2014 Blinged out T-Shirt you will need:
-Darice Rhinestone Setter Hot-Fix Applicator from Consumer Crafts. Com
-Hot-Fix Glass Rhinestones 
-Doll T-shirt
-A Sewing needle
-A Pencil or Pencil crayon
Step 1-  Assemble all your supplies. Select the 5mm tip from your Rhinestone Setter and screw it in to the tip of the applicator. Turn on your Rhinestone Setter and wait 2 minutes for it to heat up.
Step 2- Slide a piece of cardboard into your doll shirt.
Step 3- Use a pencil or pencil crayon to write the year 2014
Step 4- Use the tip of the Rhinestone Setter to pick up one of the hot fix rhinestones. Shiny side up! Press it on to the t shirt where you made the marks. Press into the shirt gently for 5 seconds and pull the setter back, the gem should stay in place. If the gem is stuck use a sewing needle and insert it between the slit in the applicator tip. This should loosen the glue. Repeat with more rhinestones until your "2014" is covered in Rhinestones!
Step 5- Turn off your applicator and let it cool completely before you put it away. Put the shirt on your doll and she will be ready to Bling In the New Year!
I hope you enjoyed today's Tutorial. My review of this product is that it is outstanding! I highly recommend adding this very useful tool to your collection. I know this tool is going to get so much use this year!
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  1. I love it ! Think I will make shirts for dd's 2 dolls....PLUS one for her and me
    Tooo cute
    (BTW .... thanks for all your ideas & tuturials - I made my dd Savannah Christmas gifts for her dolls friends)