Monday, December 9, 2013

My Peppermint Snow Outfit Review! Eden Ava Creates Amazing Patterns!

Every now and then the perfect pattern comes along and even more infrequent is the perfect material presents it's self at the right time. For the second year in a row my most favorite pattern of the Holiday Season is from Eden Ava Couture. I was able to make the entire pattern (minus the tights, I forgot to buy elastic at the store yesterday) in under 90 minutes.
I went to my local fabric store and tried to find the right fabric to create this sophisticated holiday outfit that is now going to be a timeless classic in my collection. I found the remnant to create the dress for $5 and I can make at least 4 more dresses with that $5 fabric. Everything else I had on hand including the Buttons Galore & More Snowflake Button from the Snowflake Value Pack.

Eden Ava Couture is now offering their patterns exclusively on Eden Ava Couture's Etsy Shop , the Peppermint Snow Outfit gets the Karen Mom of Three Stamp of Approval! 
Check Out Eden Ava Couture by clicking on any of the highlighted words in this post and be sure to pick up some wonderful holiday buttons from Buttons Galore & More by clicking here.
Sew someone you love an outfit this holiday season, if I can do it in 90 minutes with a sick child at home anyone can!  This easy to follow pattern made me actually enjoy sewing knit fabric. Just remember to sew slow! I am off to sew a few more for my other dolls and a few friends this holiday season and possibly next!
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  1. I bought this pattern too. Can't wait to make it, first I have a few other things to finish up. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. I also bought the frozen Hot Chocolate outfit that came out last year. Love how yours turned out!


  2. Hi Karen, awesome job on the outfit, Chrissa looks amazing! Jean

  3. Thank you Jean! I had such fun making it! I also love the Frozen Hot Chocolate pattern!

  4. Well I'm impressed.....great job! I will put this pattern on my "to buy" list. Love the texture of the dress fabric. Thanks for posting.....and all in 90 minutes. Now I must say I have a competitive personality so I may have to set the stove timer when I make this. LOL.

  5. Thanks for sharing this....saw the pattern and was intimidated but with idea of textured fabric want to give I a try. Great job and stunning outfit!

  6. Thank you! I was always scared of sewing knits, but when I saw this pattern I was so motivated. The trick is finding the right material, a brand new needle for knits helps too and patience! I hope you will all email me photos of your projects when you are done!