Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Make Your Own Holiday Crowns For Your Dolls Using Felties Rick Rack and Pom-Poms from Darice!

Well it is Christmas Day and soon the gifts will all be open and the Turkey in the oven. If you have some time to craft today why not make some holiday crowns for your dolls to wear to dinner tonight?
To create your own Holiday Crowns You will need:
-Darice Felties Rick Rack I got mine from
-A Ruler
-A Glue Gun and Glue or Glue Dots

Step 1- Unravel 12 inches of felt Rick Rack from your cardboard, make a cut.
Step 2- Add a dab of glue to one short edge and line up your ends over lapping so that there is no overhang on your crown.
Step 3- Add a dab of glue to the points of the top of your crown and attach a pom-pom I used yellow and purple but you can use any color you wish!
Step 4- Let dry and place on your dolls head so she is ready for Christmas Dinner!
I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that you have enjoyed today's craft! I look forward to sharing more doll crafts with you in the coming days!
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