Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keep The Holidays With You All Year-Let's Work On Advent Calenders or Hanukkah Pockets Together In 2014

If you are one of my readers who has been enjoying the Advent posts this year and thought to yourself for even one moment, that would be a fun project to do for next year, I have proposal for you. Let's work on it together in 2014.
  ** If you are one of my wonderful readers who celebrates Hanukkah and would like to join in the fun by creating an 8 pocket Hanukkah Calender, I hope you too will join in the fun.

I propose that we work on projects from January to November so that you will have at least one Dolly Advent Calender to give or enjoy for the Advent Season.  I hope to share with you several projects over the next year, that even the most novice of crafter and seamstress can create to fill your pockets with handmade dolly delights and fun finds! Maybe you want to get together with a friend or family and make one to exchange, home school families, girl scout groups, churches, community groups are welcome to join in the fun! I will provide tutorials here on my blog, links to free patterns to use, continue to post dolly fun finds and pocket ideas all year long, you just have to join in the fun!

Maybe you want to make one for your daughter, grand daughter, niece, friend or make one for yourself. Maybe you want to work on several at once. It is all up to you.

To begin with I suggest you start by purchasing a 24 pocket (or smaller for my friends doing 8 pockets, hey here is a thought, how about even a 12 days of Christmas Pockets, if the thought of 24 is overwhelming...the choice is up to you!) We got ours at Walmart for under $7. I know they are available in both Canada and The USA. Buy one as soon as possible and Hang it up now. Find a spot to hang it up so that you can fill the pockets as you create or locate items for your calender for next season! You can wrap as you go or fill and wrap just before gift giving.
You can make your pockets for your 18 inch, 15 inch Bitty Baby's or Twins, Mini dolls, Boy dolls and more!
Even if I motivate only a few of you to participate this year I will be happy. Knowing that the fun I have each year is multiplied by even one of you, knowing the fun you are going to all have next year I will be so pleased!
So why not join me in 2014 and Craft Along With Me to Create your own Advent or Hanukkah Holiday Pockets! You can email me your ideas, photos of your progress and suggestions all year.
I hope to hear from some of you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. We did something similar this year, but I was scrambling a few days to figure out which item to give my kids. I'm in for this project for next year, though, because I love being prepared ahead of time!

  2. I love this idea. I would love to craft with you this year.

  3. After ALL the fun I had the past few weeks making gifts for my dd's doll, I am EXCITED to start for next year !!

  4. I'm in for next year. Hope to do three "sets" following your tutorials! Will try to make them with 70's theme as after this years holidays...grand daughters both now have a Julie like my "old" one. (Theirs are definitely a thinner shape!)

  5. What are those pocket things called?

  6. Count me in! It was so much reading your post everyday so this year I'm going to work on one for my kiddos!! Love being prepared and working on it all year sounds wonderful!!

  7. They are called 24 pocket over the door shoe organizers here is a link to one on Walmart on line, though in store they are about $6 for a white one.