Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Years Resolutions fo 2014

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Well it is that time again and I thought I would share my 2014 New Years Resolutions with you, this year I was able to get 7 of my list of 13  from 2013 complete! So let's start with my 2014 list:

Number 1-One my list for the last two years straight I would like to put it near the top so I remember I really need to figure this out! Crochet more then just chaining on! 
Number 2- I would like to continue my knitting and figure out how to knit a doll hat.
Number 3- I would really like to learn to quilt, even just a blanket or potholder this year!
Number 4- I really need a logo for my blog...more on that soon.

Number 5- I would really like to share more boy doll related posts! I have some special ideas in my head and hope to make them work this year!
Number 6- I would love to travel for work and pleasure this year, I know it is a large wish but I hope to be able to travel and meet other doll lovers!
Number 7- I would like to get one of these Elf on the Shelf dolls to add to my collection, I think it would be fun!
Number 8- Inspire others to create their own Advent or Hanukkah doll themed pockets this year and get them to share their photos! This will be a year long project...more in the new year.
Number 9- Get some professional photos done to use on my blog and in my work

Number 10 - Continue to create and patterns and crafts with you here on my blog and in the dolly world. Free Patterns and keeping doll play attainable all for is my goal!

Number 11- Promoting Mini Doll Play, continuing through our Mini Monday posts and fun finds showing the world how much play potential these mini best friend dolls have, with the help of Madelon, my readers and pattern designers to make minis make a difference in the dolly world.

Number 12- To create more doll play craft ideas and review items for the bitty babies and twins. I have a new rescue bitty baby to add to the collection of  "working dolls" in my collection. All my dolls are played with and loved and used in my writing.

Number 13- I would really like to get a set of bitty twins. Used, loved or new, boy/girl or two girls....I do not have one or a set and think these would be fun to add to my collection.

Number 14- I would like to expand the doll crafts I do with more tutorials here on my blog and around the dolly world using Rit Dye ( Sunshine Yellow is calling my name!), Sculpey Clay, Felt, Paint, Fabric Phoomph and more so stock up now on craft supplies as we are going to be doing lots of crafts together in 2014!

I hope you enjoyed my list today, I like posting these and revisiting each year to see what I have accomplished and what I need to work on. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and my resolutions for 2014. 
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  1. I like your goals for the year! I have a few that are the same. Some professional photos with me and my dolls for use on my facebook page and such. Learn to take better photos, learn to crochet so I can make some doll accessories. I am on board with the Advent for next year. Thanks for opening my eyes to more doll ideas!

    Lora Crouch
    Aunt Sissy Originals

  2. I tried to do this in 2013 and only managed to make it through a third of my list. I learned to put more events and fewer crafts for 2014. :-) Here goes:
    1) take DD to AG Place to see new doll either today or tomorrow
    2) donate the Isabelle books to her elementary school (we've done that with the GOTY & Caroline books for the last few years)
    3) take both my girls to AGP for tea sometime this spring
    4) craft Isabelle's sewing studio
    5) try making polymer clay doll food -- bought everything to do it but never did
    6) take older DD to a class at AGP (need to plan ahead because they sell out!)
    7) knit a doll sweater -- again, bought pattern, yarn, etc, in 2013 but it didn't happen
    8) In honor of Isabelle's story, have older DD design an outfit that I will sew/craft
    9) try to take both girls to the premier when the GOTY movie comes out next summer (the store will hold an event, but you need to register as soon as they post about it)
    10) make a Liberty Jane Faraway Downs dress -- I have the pattern & fabric but it hasn't happened
    11) make at least three of the "Craft alongs" you are running for 2014
    12) send a doll we have to the doll hospital (should have been done last year)
    13) make an historical doll outfit from one of the lovely Thimbles and Acorns patterns I have
    and 14) send a surprise to you, Karen, at some point during the year.

    Sorry for the long post, but sometimes with resolutions, I don't follow through if I don't let others know about them. Oh, and if they really do release a historic doll named Grace (as is the rumor) I will need to buy her because it's one of my girls' middle names.

    Happy 2014!