Friday, December 27, 2013

GOTY Isabelle 18 inch or Mini Doll?

Thank you to living A Doll's Life for this photo!
Well as many of you know already the new GOTY from American Girl is named Isabelle. American Girl has gone all out this year offering a doll with Pink Hair Extensions! Though I have only seen photos that were leaked on the internet and google, my first impression was "Pink hair?" Wow!

I am very excited to see what this year and her story will bring but I am most excited with the 6 inch mini doll release. I ordered her on Christmas Eve from The Book Depository, sight unseen. I am really excited to see that American Girl is releasing her as a 6 inch doll like they did for Saige!
I did not get a Saige Mini doll this year, though I still hope too.I am very much looking forward to having Mini Isabelle and her arrival! I wonder how they will work her Pink Hair into the Mini doll!

You can pre order your own mini doll on the Book Depository by clicking here like I did,
Or Barns&Noble by clicking here

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting her too. I almost ordered from the Book
    Depository, but I've never ordered from there before. Did you know that Doll Diaries had posted photos of her?

  2. hi Dawn, I do know that Doll Diaries has photos! When I wrote the post for today the photos were not up yet! I am so thrilled that mine is on it's way to me! I love ordering from the Book Depository. I order from there all the time.

  3. I'm looking forward to reading the books.