Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Make Your Dolls A Cozy Touque & Scarf With Darice Pom-Poms From Consumer Crafts.Com

I know it is Christmas Eve and you are likely pressed for time but if you are like me you may be looking for something to keep the kids occupied until bed time! Why not Get out the Craft box and create this fun Touque & Scarf with your doll lovers this afternoon?
To create your own Cozy Set you will need:

- A Magic Glove (You can use any color, I happened to have in my craft box this Conley white glove it's mate long gone) or you can use a sock.
- A strip of Felt or Polar fleece 20 inches long
- Darice Glue Sticks or Glue Dots from Consumercrafts.com 
-Glue Gun
-Darice Pom-Poms I used Glitter Pom Poms from Consumercrafts.com
-A Piece of String cut to 6 inches or Yarn to tie of the glove fingers or sock top
-Your Doll 
Step 1- Assemble all your supplies, and plug in your glue gun if you are using a glue gun instead of glue dots.
Step 2-Gather your glove fingers and tie off and knot the glove as shown in the photo above.
Step 3- Use your Scissors to trim the fingers off the glove or the top of the sock 1-2 inches from your knot.
Step 4- Open your pom poms.
Step 5- Decide where you will place your pom poms and glue into place go all around the bottom of your hat.
Step 6- fold a piece of Felt or Polar Fleece in half so that it measures 10 inches by 2 inches and when folded in length and cut out your scarf (or cut one 20 inch by 2 inch strip).
Step 7- Use your scissors to make a fringe on the bottom of your scarf ends make  1 inch snips along your scarf short ends.
Step 8- Glue pom poms into place along the top edge of your fringe as shown in the photo above. Repeat on the other side.
Make this craft today or tuck it away for your next snow day or sleep over party. This is a fun and easy way to use Darice Pom Pom's! I could  not have created today's craft with out the wonderful people at Darice and Consumercrafts.com . I recommend keeping a well stocked craft box and Consumer Crafts.com make it easy to fill that box! Consumer Crafts. Com really does make creativity affordable!
I hope you enjoy your day!
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  1. Great use for those dollar store gloves. :) Thank you.