Monday, December 23, 2013

Create A Holiday Seld For your Mini Dolls! Using Plaid Paint and A Mini Sled From Darice and

Today is Mini Monday and I have a Mini Monday Craft for you. On I found this mini wooden sled that is perfect for the mini dolls!
To create your own you will need:
-A mini doll sled  click here for the listing on
-Folk Art by Plaid Paint in Apple Red and Chunky Glitter you can find Plaid Paint by clicking here
-Foam Paint brush
-Paper to cover your work space

Step 1-  Unpack your sled and remove the sticker. Paint the sled with your foam brush in long even strokes.
Step 2- Cover all the edges and underneath. Let it dry.
Step 3- Squeeze some of the Chunky Glitter from the bottle and paint it on to your sled. As it dries it will look like fresh fallen snow! Let dry and give let your dolls enjoy their snow day!

This little sled is the perfect holiday accessory to add to your mini doll play collection and is so much fun to personalize for your dolls!
Keep your eyes out for holiday items you can paint and personalize for your mini dolls!
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  1. That is such a cute outfit on your little doll. Is it Barbie clothes?

  2. Actually these are handmade mini doll items I received from a friend, she does amazing work!