Thursday, February 13, 2014

3 Fun Madelon Finds!

Madelon re-purposed another wonderful baby dress into a Holiday fashion for her dolls, by tightening the back and sides with ribbon she has fashioned a wonderful doll outfit for Valentines, she has paired it with OG shoes from Target from a few years ago.

 Madelon makes a great purchase and  another amazing Find!

"I found this dress when it was on sale for $13 at Target. When I was ringing up the cashier gave me a $5 gift card because there was a sale when you bought an Olympic shirt (unbeknown to me). So I finished my transaction and paid $8 for this dress. I love it."

Beautiful detail!
STUNNING for only $8!

I found this newborn size sweater on sale for $3.28!

Pair it with sparkly shoes!
 This is a very versatile sweater I think it would look great with everything from formal wear to casual jeans! Great find Madelon!

Madelon has made a wonderful fun outfit using a ballet sock and creating a fun doll top for $1
She just cut off the toe and was ready to go!
Paired with Silver high tops and ready to wear!

Thank you so much Madelon for sharing your fun finds with us today!
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