Friday, February 7, 2014

Doll Shoes! What Is Not To Love?

I have to admit in real life I have not always been a shoe person, but I have always loved doll shoes, since I was a little girl I think shoes for dolls are amazing. I used to hoard Barbie shoes. Now I have to say I love collecting and using doll shoes. My favorites are currently all the canvas ones I have and have found from Releaserain Etsy shop 
I am a huge Dr Who fan, a newer obsession for me and my favorite Dr is David Tennant as the 10th Dr. and his shoes are Chuck Taylors, I had always wanted a pair growing up but never got any, so my wonderful husband bought me two pairs of my own for Christmas and my mother in law got me a third. Until then I have only ever bought this type of shoe for my dolls!
More then just high tops there are some really cute shoes in this shop! I love these Mary Janes! Click here for listing.  

This past Christmas I ordered shoes for my friend Deena of Deena and Beena Youtube fame the above pair and I was thrilled with how fast they arrived and the high quality they were! I know she liked them too!
I wanted to know more about Releaserain and their Etsy shop and I was thrilled when they agreed to an interview, here now is the answers to my questions along with some photos of the fun shoes they offer.

KMOT: What made you get into making and selling shoes for dolls?
RR:"I love shoes! It’s fun for me to make my favorite shoes for my dolls and turn it into my doll business too!"

KMOT:What is your favorite thing about your work?
RR: "This is whenever my customers appreciate my doll stuffs, but the most precious thing is that my work brings me a lot of very good friends."

KMOT: What is your top selling item?
RR: "It depends from time to time. At this moment, I think my top selling item is my American Girl size knee high sneakers!" 

KMOTH: How long does it take to have an order arrive to the USA or North American?
RR:"I usually ship by international first class mail to USA/North American. Shipping time normally takes 7-14 days, but it also depends on customs clearance, location, weather and season, so shipping time sometimes may slightly vary, but it's very safe because customers can find the tracking information from the official website of USPS"

KMOT: What can we expect to see new for Spring?
RR:"So many!! Please keep an eye on my shops! I will always update new items."

KMOT: Where else can we find your work on line? Do you have a website, Facebook Fan Page or blog?
RR: "I have 3 shops and 1 Facebook fan page now and I may add some more platforms if I have time in the future"

KMOT: Please feel free to tell me anything about yourself or your business you would like my readers to know.
RR: "I have been working for doll business many years since I was graduated from university. Thank you for all your support. I will continue to work hard to make nice doll things during 2014 and in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at"

Thank you to Releasrain for the opportunity to share with you today a behind the scenes look at their shops.
I hope you enjoyed it,
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