Monday, February 17, 2014

Let Me Introduce You To Lottie Dolls, Robot Girl and Kawaii Karate Have Just Arrived At My Door!

I am thrilled to share with you today photos of my two new Lottie Dolls that have just arrived at my door for review.
Robot Girl and Kawaii Karate have just arrived to my house in Canada via Royal Mail and they are cute as can be!
I first learned of these dolls at a family Christmas party in 2013 and one of the young attendees told me all about this "Amazing Karate Doll" she hoped for Christmas Morning. I was intrigued. I grabbed my phone and we looked at the website together. I thought these were such adorable looking dolls with their large bright eyes and really amazing themes. Such as Butterfly Protector Lottie, Pirate Queen Lottie, Pony Flag Race Lottie and Kawaii Karate Lottie.  There are 12 Lottie Dolls and Themes to choose from and 14 Accessory sets for girls to collect, play and enjoy.
Our Local Toys R Us Wonder Lab has just added Lottie in stock! I was thrilled to see Toys R Us bring this wonderful line. Dolls were very reasonably priced under $20.00 for the Dolls and under $10 for the accessories. The Welsh Pony was also priced just under $20.00 in store.
These wonderful little dolls are 7.5 inches tall and have wonderful large "unmade up" eyes, no make up is just one of the features I love about these dolls. They have vinyl bodies and the legs can bend and hold their shape! Their hair is long and rooted. The clothing is well made and easy to put on and off.
Lottie dolls have won awards in the UK, Canada and the USA once you hold one of these precious dolls in your hands you will understand why. There is so much play potential and so much imagination that has gone into the dolls and their characters.
Out of the box and shown with her accessories Kawaii Karate Lottie is fun to pose and play with!
Even the box she comes in is a wonderful design. You can open it and use it to store her items and it looks like a little bag house!
Robot Girl has a wonderful collection with her Busy Lizzie The Robot Accessories! You can assemble and change your robot as you desire, decorate your robot and so much more!

I am so impressed with these wonderful little dolls and I know many of you mini doll lovers are going to love these little dolls with big imagination.

 You can find Lottie Dolls on Facebook and join me in liking them by clicking here
Check them out on by clicking here  or in Canada check them out in store at Toys R Us Wonderlabs. 
Thank you to Lottie Dolls for sending Kawaii Karate Lottie and Robot Girl Lottie with Lizzy The Robot for me to review. These dolls are fantastic and a wonderful addition to our doll family!

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  1. The hat and glasses on Robot Girl Lottie are a nod to a famous anime robot girl: Arale from "Dr. Slump".