Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Madelon's Recent Trip To The DC Store To See All The New AG Items!

Madelon kindly shares her photos from a recent trip into the DC Store.
Madelon and I both really want to add this book to our collections!
This set is wildly popular! I love the polka-dots, Madelon loves the boots!
A view of the new table and chair covers. I am not wildly excited about this set. The pattern is not my favorite but I like the idea.
You could even pick up an edible cookie with Isabelle on it!

Bitty Baby and little girls have such cute options with the new dress don't you think?
Store exclusive, if you are going in you can make this Birthday Girl Shirt! Love it!
New Suit and cover up, any thoughts?
I like that you can buy it in girl size as well.
This set is the one I am most excited to see, watch for a similar craft idea I am doing for Doll Diaries in March!

I love the color of this new dress, I think it is very pretty and something I would pick up if I was in store.
Julie's new dress and set...
Kit (who doesn't wear pink) in her Pink Dress...
 This is super cute. I think it is such a fun set!
Julie and her new dog set... I am not sold on this.
As someone who had this particular styling unit I think this set is fantastic! Love this set.
Rebeca's Styling set...

Addy's Hair piece....I like the braid, I have heard mix thoughts on this set but I actually like it.
Not sure I am sold on the Hair piece for Caroline, even in the photo it looks like you can see the metal prongs. If anyone gets this I would love to hear what they think.
Madelon said the skirt even says Happy Birthday, such a fun set!
So cute this bitty set!

There are so many wonderful new releases in store and on line and sadly as a Canadian so much will not ship to Canada but for those of you excited about our Canadian stores opening this Spring you will be happy to know they have begun hiring staff......
Thank you Madelon for sharing these wonderful photos with us!
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  1. I got Julie's hairstyling set. I really love it, (b/c I had some of these dryers back in the day), but the hair holders are too tight! They don't have enough stretch and I couldn't even make a small ponytail in Sunny's (AG Julie's) hair. The would have been better off w/ clips or "rope" yarn ribbons.

  2. I thought Julie's dog set has been available for a while. Did they change it?
    I like the swim suite and cover up.
    Is it true that bitty baby clothes will fit the AG dolls? That grey and pink dress is adorable.

  3. I have Julie's hair accessories, and they're really groovy, but the hair bands are too tight. You can't even get them around a small ponytail.