Saturday, February 1, 2014

Craft Along With Me 2014- February Make Your Dolls Some Valentine Cookies With Sculpey Clay

Bake and Serve your Doll Cookies in Under 1 hour start to finish with this Sculpey Craft Tutorial from Karen Mom of Three!

It is February 1st and time for our 2nd Craft Along with Me Project. I have created a very simple doll Valentine Cookie made from Sculpey Clay. If you have never worked with Sculpey Clay this is an easy and very fun way to create doll sized treats for your doll play collection. You can make as many as you would like for the fraction of the cost of commercially made doll treats and you get so much value from what you create.
To create you own Dolly Valentine Cookies You will need:
-Sculpey Clay in your choice of colors, I used a light tan and red from my Bake Shop Variety Pack
-A Heart Shaped Premo! Crinkle Cutters I Used the Heart Shape
A mini metal cutter heart shape from thePremo! Basic shapes pacakge
-A Sculpey Clay Mat   or wax paper for covering your work space and baking
-A oven safe baking sheet 
-The Sculpey Clay Tool Set
-Your Oven

Step 1- Assemble all your supplies and cover your workspace. I love the Sculpey Clay Mat you can roll out your clay on it, wipe it down easily and it can even go  in the oven. Before I had the mat I would use wax paper or parchment, this is a great product because I can use it time and time again. 
Step 2- Preheat your oven to 275 F.
Step 3- On your Sculpey Mat or covered work space roll our your cookie base color. I rolled mine out so that it was 2 mm thick. Use your larger Crinkle Cutter to cut out your cookie based shapes.
Step 4- Cut out as many cookies as you desire. I set out to make 6 cookies, I got 5 from the rectangle or clay I used. Then I rolled the renaming clay  and cut one more. (I could have made 8 from the clay). I used the tools to help lift the clay out from between the cut out clay shapes.
Step 5- Select your accent color, I chose the red from my Bake Shop Package  and I rolled it out as I did the cookie base. Then I selected the mini heart from the mini cutters.
I cut out 6 small hearts and used the tools to help me lift the mini hearts up and place them in the center of my doll cookie base, I pressed them into place very gently and they were ready to bake! 
Step 6- Then I placed my mat on the baking sheet and baked the doll cookies for just under 10 minutes. I let them cool completely and removed them from the sheet and on to dolly's plates for the dolly tea party with my niece!

I hope you will Craft Along With Me this month! Remember to email me a photo of your Sculpey Creations this month to You can make any doll food you would like for your dolls using Sculpey Clay. Sculpey Clay is an easy, fun and affordable add to your doll play collections, makes great gifts, Advent or Holiday doll treats as well as great party favors! 


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll have to make some of these with my kids for Valentine's Day. I think I already have all the supplies. We homeschool, and I'm always looking for doll-related crafts that we can make in our art class.

  2. This is a great craft. Thank you for the instructions.