Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Check Out An Up And Coming Canadian Doll Clothes Designer! Welcome Sewing Dollimama's Etsy Shop and Marilyn Clarkin

I have just been made aware of another Canadian Doll Clothes Designer who has some very unique items in her Etsy shop and I am so thrilled to share that Etsy Shop with you today!

This shop offers something for every 18 inch doll to love and to wear. Handmade items start at just under $17 and you can even order a 16 piece Wardrobe for your doll including shoes and boots, under $100! 

In addition to her Etsy Shop, Shop owner and designer Marilyn Clarkin also has her own website and Facebook fan page. You can visit either by clicking any of the blue words in this post.

As many of you know I love behind the scenes looks at why the designers do what they do, what drives them and how they came to design for 18 inch dolls. I was interested to hear that Marilyn sews from a very special place in her heart. As some of you may know I too am a Mother with two children who have Autism. Her story touched my own heart and I hope it will touch yours...

"My youngest daughter has Autism and when she was younger she had some pretty major sensory aversions to clothing which resulted in me making the majority of her clothes. Of course when she received a 18" doll from her grandmother for Christmas it only made sense to her that she would have the same concerns about her dolls clothes. I started to notice that whenever my daughter had her doll out in public(which was almost everywhere we went) people would inquire about thier clothes. They would say things like "where did you buy those, they are beautiful " and " they don"t make them like that in the stores". They would gush over them. At first I started to make doll clothes for friends and family as gifts. Then one day it just clicked when a very close friend said you should start your own business. So I did! hence the beginning of QTπ Doll Clothing."

 Be sure to check out Marilyn's Etsy shop by clicking here.
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