Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bring An Extra Special Doll Home To Your Doll Family

So now many of you have seen my Extra special doll Hannah from Extra Special Dolls. I was so thrilled to support this wonderful company through their process to make a dream come true not just for their daughter but for all the families of special needs children who are looking to find themselves reflected in the doll world.

I have to tell you how much I love my Hannah doll, she is everything that I hoped she would be, well made, adorable and very photogenic! She fits very well into our doll family and she is one of my favorite dolls to use in my work here on my blog and on the other sites I work for.
Extra Special dolls are priced at $95 and shipped with in the USA for $12. There are 18 options for girl dolls and 9 options for boy dolls, each of them unique and made to love. You can take these dolls into the bath or swimming pool as well. They are designed for helping with fine and gross motor skills and you can even order your doll with a heart surgery scar.
The essence of these very beautiful children are captured in the soft and flattering features of these dolls.
Be sure to check out Extra Special Dolls Website by clicking here and if you already have one of these beautiful dolls please email me a photo so that I may share it with all of our readers.
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  1. I contacted the company regarding a review sponsorship and never got a reply. I would love to get one for my birthday though!

    1. Hi Eileen, I am not sure they do sponsorship. I purchased my doll when the company was starting out, I have not been sent anything to review, just reviewing the company based on what I purchased and what I hope to add to my collection in the near future, they do make great birthday gifts!