Thursday, February 27, 2014

Madelon Shows Us How To Create An Outfit For Your Dolls Academy Awards Party!

Today Madelon shares with us her fun outfit for her dolls and their Academy Awards party! I love watching the red carpet preview show more then the Awards themselves so this is a really fun idea you can make your own outfits and create your own "Red Carpet" looks for your dolls!

 "I made this two piece Academy Award  ensemble from clothing purchased at Target and re purposed. First, I was captured by the coral pastel color scheme of the tutu toddler skirt."

"The colors are those similar to the Isabelle ballet line. All I did to the skirt was cut a small piece in the back (which can be repurposed for a six inch Doll's skirt) and secured it."

 "The top was fun to make. It actually came from a leg of child's footless dancer tights. The tights were on sale for $1.44. The other leg can be used for a dress."
 "These were a heavy weight, silky and shiny."
Thank you Madelon for sharing with us this great idea for making a one of a kind outfit for our dolls for the Academy Awards!
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