Thursday, April 16, 2015

Madelon's Tutorial For Dolly Crem Brulee

 Madelon shares with us her tutorial for making her dolls Crem Brulee.
"Since Grace's arrival I have been interested in French doll desserts. I wanted to make a Crem brûlée but didn't know how."

" My pink ceramic dish came from the clearance department in Michaels. I thought it could be my colorful ramekin. All I did was fill it with Elmer's glue and waited about five days for it to harden. When it was set I used gel crayons in yellow, orange and brown and a wet paintbrush for blending."
I love how this turned out Madelon! Crem Brulee is a favorite dessert of mine!
Madelon serves her doll a delightful tea and dessert! Thank you Madelon for sharing this tutorial with us today!
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