Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Meet Madelon's Doll Leah

So Madelon purchased Leah at Target a few weeks back and something unfortunate happened. Her sweet face was pushed in through the weight of a book bag that was accidentally left on top of her box in the car!
Personally I think it gives her personalty and character!
Out of the box Madelon was very pleased with the quality and colors in her dolls rooted hair!
her sweetness comes across in photos and with her foal!
her riding outfit is perfect and that little bow is attached to the top.
She has a side braid tied into her ponytail.
This is a beautiful doll who Madelon got on sale for $20! So be sure to check out the Our Generation Isle at your local target and bring one of these darling dolls home to your doll family.
Note from Madelon: This dolls face is slowly coming back to shape so she may look different in future posts.
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