Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Springfield's Spring Sale Come Check It Out!

Our wonderful friends over at Springfield Dolls have a great sale going on right now in their on line shop!
Now is the perfect time to stock up for all your summer needs, up coming birthday parties and putting items away for Gift Giving Holidays that always sneak up! Click here for items like this adorable swim suit!
 Shoes and accessories are also on sale like the In-line Skates. Click here to view the skates.

Springfield Doll Collection has been my go to item for parties for many years now and they make it even easier to access their great collection on line by shipping to Canada and the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska!) Click here to visit their website now. Free shipping over $65!
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1 comment:

  1. Now more doll items to buy for my dolls. All I need to choose which to buy. On the other hand, my great niece, one of the five, is into AG dolls. I still have 2 more I can play with as they get older. So glad my nephews by marriage love Krazy MiMi. Guess it pays to be the old auntie. Love these times to add to my memories.