Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ask Jillian Wednesday, week 1- Pets

Today is my first "Ask Jillian" week and I am so excited to begin! My First email question came from a Pet lover...

Here is her Question:

Dear Jillian.
 I am 11 years old like you and I really want a pet.I love learning about animals but My parents have said "No". I really want a pet badly, do you know how I can change their mind? 
"Pet lover with no pet"

Dear Pet Lover with no pet,
 I understand how frustrated you must be! You know Pet's are huge responsibilities.  Sometimes busy families do not have the time to look after a pet's many needs, even pet fish can be time consuming. Perhaps ask your parents if you could start walking a neighbor's pet dog, or pet sitting a friends Cat while they are on vacation. If you have a pet shelter near by perhaps ask if you can volunteer once a month for a few hours. Not only will you get to enjoy the animals but you will also learn a lot about different types of animals and the care they need. You can also take out books at the library or look on line for information about animals to continue to learn more about the animals you love.
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  1. Jillian, you sound like a very wise 11 yr. old. I think your column will be interesting and helpful.