Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Spotlight on a Historical Pattern Designer on Etsy

 I was so thrilled to find Eve of Keepers Dolly Duds Etsy shop and even more thrilled when she agreed to share a bit about her process of pattern development and her journey to selling her designs.
The new historical dolls Marie-Grace and Cecil have inspired many wonderful fashions and this wonderful pattern makes it easy for you to create some wonderful historical dresses for your own dolls.

I wondered how Eve came to sell her patterns and she was kind enough to answer some questions and share a bit about her process.
"My patterns were a long time coming. I had many ask me over the years to sell my designs as patterns, but because they were only bits of paper drawn and cut from trial and error, that I thought only I could understand and be able to use, I didn't consider selling my patterns to be an option. I happened to meet Shari Fuller from Thimbles and Acorns though a purchase I made from her on Etsy. I told her I admired how she was able to develop her patterns into a sale-able product. That conversation resulted in a collaboration of my designs and her talent to develop these bits of paper I called my patterns into a quality, user friendly and marketable pattern. Ultimately my first ever KeeperDollyDuds Design Pattern for 18" Dolls was released on March 1st 2012."
Loving the American Girl Historical Dolls as I do I wondered if Eve had a favorite Era herself....

"I can't say I have a favorite era. It seems when ideas run out for one era, I can change my focus to another era and fresh ideas pop into my head. This is how I keep myself inspired and prevent "designer's block" or boredom. "
I always find it interesting to know which dolls people have and I was surprised to learn that Eve has 13 dolls: Molly, Emily, Samantha, Nellie,Kit, Ruthie, Felicity,Elizabeth, Addy,Julie, Kirsten, Cecile, and Marie-Grace
As a "new to sewing person" myself, I always love to hear the advice of  seasoned seamstresses and asked Eve to share some of her advice for those of you just starting out on your sewing adventures.
"If I were to give advice to girls just learning to sew it would be to start with simple items.Use your imagination to make them your own by adding different trims, embellishments, add pieces and play with colors and fabrics. The results can be dramatic even on the easiest of patterns. But be warned... you'll be wanting to start a new sewing project just as soon as your done!"

Since opening her shop Eve has had more then 118 sales! If you would like to take a look at her pattern currently for sale please visit her shop by clicking here The photos shown in this post are from Eve's sold section of her shop, which is so worth looking through to admire her talent.
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  1. I love KeepersDollyDuds! It's my favorite Etsy shop and I love her doll clothes! I wish I could buy them, but it seems that the instant she puts one on, it sells! This interview was very interesting, thanks!

  2. Karen, I just discovered Eve a couple of days ago. I joined a new Etsy team called "American Girl Yarns & Threads", and SO MANY of the seamstresses there are inspired by her. So I checked out her patterns, and believe I'm ready to stretch out into the historical world! The gowns you show here are absolutely gorgeous! Great post.

  3. Thank you both for your wonderful comments! I am in awe of the talent I find on Etsy every day. I love that we have the option to buy from such talented ladies! (and gentlemen)
    Thank you both for commenting!

  4. Love her designs and her patterns are great!