Friday, March 9, 2012

Spotlight on A teacher who turns a love of American Girl Dolls into an Enrichment class for students at her school

Today I bring you a Spotlight on one of my blog readers. I am thrilled to feature a very special teacher, Marybeth Cialini, who has turned a love of American Girl Dolls into an after school Enrichment class for her students!
Using ideas from this blog, the American Girl Magazine, Doll Diaries and ideas of her own Ms. Cialini's students each create items for their dolls.

At Halloween her students created masks for their dolls.
Most recently the students in Ms. Cialini's class created Doll size bulletin boards and hats for their dolls out of gloves!  A craft I highlighted from the American Girl Magazine Last year.

 To see how to make your own click here to be directed to last years post.
I was so happy to hear from Ms. Cialini last year and thrilled to share her photo's from her class with you. Teachers like Ms. Cialini will  always have a special place in my heart, finding ways to educate children in exciting and fun ways by incorporating doll play into everyday has earned Ms. Cialini a very special place indeed! 
If you know a Teacher, Mom, Grandma, Aunt or Volunteer who shares her love of dolls with others please nominate them so we can share their story with others.
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  1. Wow, thanks for the recognition. And thanks for all the sharing you have given your readers. You are a very generous person.