Thursday, March 22, 2012

A doll story from MaryRose Gran of 4 for your enjoyment today!

For your enjoyment today a wonderful submission from one of our readers, I just love how MaryRose Gran of 4 set this story up for us and I am so happy to share it with all of you....
Bethany's Visit
Hi! I’m Bethany and I’m just leaving my house to visit my cousins. Whoops! The door’s still open.
 Just a second while I close it tight.
 And we’re off! I’m going with my person on a weekend visit.
 Hello Aunty Anne; it’s so good to see you.
Hi Elizabeth. I missed you!
 Hi Josefina ; I missed you too!
 Over the weekend there was time for one-on-one talks...
 ...even sharing some secrets...
  ...and playing with my baby cousin.
 Since this visit was our closest to Valentines, we decided to put on our Valentine dresses and have a tea party. Even if it was a little late.
 While Aunty Anne put the baby down for a nap, I got busy in the kitchen.
 My cousins started putting all the food on the table, just to see what was on hand.
 I think it needs a little of this.
 Must have some fresh grape juice!
 Hey Josefina ! Elizabeth! You guys missed this stuff here!
 The last of the cupcakes are out of the oven.
 WHOA! That table is overloaded! Here’s an example of too much of a good thing!
  Aunty Anne took one look at it and talked to her person. They made some real doll-size food for our party.
 So we decorated the dining room. Josefina made a tea party sign, Elizabeth had the idea for balloons made of paper and pipe cleaners, I made hats and paper fans for party favors. Aunty Anne put up the streamers.
 We posed in the kitchen for a picture just before the party began. 
 Here’s our re-worked table. OH DEAR! A real-life cousin unexpectedly showed up un-announced just before the party started! We remembered our manners, though, and apologized for not thinking to invited her and insisted she join the party.
 Her dolls (Felicity and Kaya) were at home, so she used the doll sitting between me and Aunty for the party.
  Here we all are enjoying our belated Valentine’s tea party.
 Tee-he-he! I couldn’t resist getting my hand in this picture.
 That night, after we were in our nightgowns, we watched the movie A Pleasantville Christmas which we like so much because the cast is all dolls!
 The next day we posed for a family picture just before I had to go home. I sure had fun with my cousins this weekend!  THE END
I hope you enjoyed  the photo story by MaryRose Gran of 4 as much as I did.
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  1. Love it! What a cute set of photos.

  2. Your Grans loved watching it and said,"Thank you for writing the story for us. We had a lot of fun watching it." It tickled them pink to see their dolls and animals in the story!!!! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Wonderful! I am happy to hear this!

  4. So glad the story was enjoyed by my favorite young people! Thank-you also to Char and Karen for their kind remarks. It was a pleasure to make up and to know others enjoyed it too.

  5. What kind of doll is Aunty Anne? Is she an Ellowyne Wilde?

  6. Abigail: Aunty Anne is Tonner's 18" Kitty Collier doll 'Grand Occasion'. She is a dressed doll from his 2006 collection. Although she is retired she may be found with a google search. We purchased her from; don't know if they have any left. She is not a 'Tiny Kitty'. Ellowyne Wilde was also designed by Robert Tonner, but is a 16" doll and is sold at Wilde Imagination. Hope this is helpful to you.

  7. Wow, thanks for replying! Those dolls are sooooooo pretty! Yours does look like a distinguished aunt...teehee!

  8. You're welcome Abigail. Thanks! My daughter and I thought she was lovely too. Yes, she DOES like to be the best dressed at a party!! Heehee! She needs her wardrobe done yet; we aren't letting that stop us from playing with her though!