Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miss Kristi's St. Patrick's Day Dolly Cookies!

Here is the St. Patrick's Day Craft from Miss Kristi of
For  Shamrock "Shortbread" St. Patrick's Day dolly cookies.

"I am secretly planning a St. Patrick's Day party for my three daughters and their dolls.  The girls have no idea about it, and I hope I am able to surprise them.  I am starting to get my ideas for our little party together.  I am also starting to put together some of the craft items and doll food for the party.  The first doll item that I have made for the part are the "Shamrock Shortbread Cookies."  They are quick, simple, and even the kiddos can get in on the craft!" says Miss Kristi 

How to make Shamrock Shortbread Cookies for your dolls:
Items Needed:
-Shamrock Stencil or cookie cutter
-Green Foam
-Hot glue or craft glue---Please supervise your kiddos if using hot glue.

Getting to Work:
Step 1:  Use the shamrock stencil to trace shamrocks onto the cardboard and green foam.  I made eight doll cookies but, you can make as many cookies as you have supplies for.
Step 2:  Cut out cardboard and foam shamrocks.
Step 3:  Glue foam shamrock on top of the cardboard shamrocks.  The cardboard is the "shortbread cookie" and the foam is the "icing."
Step 4: Trim edges of cardboard or foam shamrocks as needed.
Now you have your "Shamrock Shortbread Cookies" for your Dollie St. Pattie's Day Party!

Thank you to Miss Kristi for sharing with us today her wonderful doll shamrock cookies! I hope she and her girls have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day party!
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