Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Jillian my newest doll and New weekly Columnist!

I have a new doll in my Doll Family, her name is Jillian named after a fellow Writer, Jillian of the The .
Jillian is a great addition to my Doll Family, Fitting right in right away, and Laura my niece had the best time dressing and re dressing her for a welcome Tea Party. 
I am going to need a larger display system in my Doll Room/Office for when My nieces are not here. Not shown are My other Pre Mattel Samantha and my Australian Girl Doll Emily.
 So a bit about Jillian....
She is a Pre Mattel number 16 doll, with Long Brown Hair, Brown eyes and beautiful Freckles!
Her full name is Jillian Noel Harper. Her birthday is March 8. she is 11 years old.
Jillian will have her own column weekly beginning Wednesday March 21st called "Ask Jillian" please send your questions to   and "Jillian" will answer back in her Wednesday Column, here on my blog.
Jillian will offer her ideas and advice from questions she receives by email or comment.
To email your questions for Jillian to answer please send them too 
I hope you will enjoy this fun new feature! 

As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment here or email me at


  1. Where did you get her she is SOOOO beautiful!!!

  2. I am so lucky to have found her through someone I met on Facebook, she is named Jillian after the lady I bought her from.

  3. The freckles are custom, aren't they? They're suuuuuper cute! :)

  4. Hey, Jillian! It's nice to see your official intro post! I LOVE the shirt you've layered under your blazer. That blazer is one of my favorite things to wear myself, since I have dark hair as well. Don't you love wearing red?

    I love the quints - they are my best friends! Since you appear to be a lot like them, I bet we'd get along great. :)


  5. Sophie, Jillian Here, So happy to have you as a friend...I love red and cranberry! I hope to have some wonderful questions to answer on Wednesdays!

  6. PS... I do not think my freckles are custom, I just came this way!

  7. she is soooooo cute kind of reminds me of ag doll molly cause of the hair :D

  8. McKenna Asia here! I absolutely LOVE that color but, I prefer blue. We could get along really well. Oh and my favorite food is CHEESE. What is yours, Jillian. I have a super cute dress I have my eye on esty.

  9. Welcome Jillian! I am friends with the quints, too. It's cool you are named after their mom. I'm the official reporter/blogger for our doll town and am looking forward to reading your column. Maybe I'll get inspired to report on my blog more often. ;)

    hugs ~ Kiki

  10. Thanks Kiki!
    Mckenna Asia....My favorite food is Pizza! I love clothes on Etsy as well! I think we will all get along great!

  11. Liese Brouwer (Doll Tag Clothing)March 19, 2012 at 12:15 AM

    Oh Jillian... your freckles are adorable! I have a friend that had always tried to hide her freckles... I think they are something to be proud of and make you unique! You are so lucky to be in Karen's home... they are so creative there... I think you need to tell us more about your favourite stuff when you post on Wednesday!

  12. McKenna Asiya is my doll I got in January.

  13. Hi Liese, I got a great email to write about for next week but the following Wednesday I will share more about myself!
    What fun,

  14. hi its Candie Asia _________ my favorite food is probably gummy bears.... and i have been on ur etsy and i LOVE that strawberry tea dress number 15 was it?

    I know its kinda late but welcome Jillian!!! :)