Monday, March 26, 2012

Hat's off to this fantastic Hat Designer for American Girl Dolls on Etsy!

 Thanks to Dacia of Mini Me Dolly Diva for introducing me to Linda of Cape Cod Curiosities
Linda makes the most beautiful hats for American Girl dolls that I have ever seen.

 They are so beautifully made and photographed that I wrote to Linda and asked her if I could share with you her wonderful creations.
Linda was kind enough to share with me a bit about herself, her shop and her motivation behind, Cape Cod Curiosities ...

"I started creating for American Girl Dolls probably for the same reason many of us did - Grandchildren. I thought it would be fun to sew some clothes for the girls and it got a little out of hand. I am of the generation that grew up wearing hats and millinery hats for the AM Girls just didn't seem to be found anywhere. I decided to fill the gap with my Etsy Shop." says Linda

"I am actually a textile artist and decorative painter so fabrics and color have always been a part of my life. Inspiration for my hats comes from anywhere I happen to see a hat. My favorites are the old Harpers sketches and paintings I find in antique shops. I try to keep in mind that the AM Girls are only ten years old so some of the trimmings have to be toned down. No Gibson Girls!"

I wanted to know how long it takes to make one of her beautiful creations...."
All of my hats are hand sewn - from wiring the buckram to adding the finishing flourishes. I really never timed myself, but if I had to guess, from concept to finishing; it probably would be about eight loving hours. "

I always am curious as to how many and which dolls Etsy shop owners have....
"I have one hard working doll, Julie, who I named "Sunshine" and she can usually be found in my studio in various stages of dress or undress - but wearing a hat of course." Says Linda

"I have a web site where some of my other textiles and painted works are shown. It includes design ideas and techniques for many mediums. It is the site of my first "Shop". is the url. I welcome you to check it out."

"I would like to thank  my son for suggesting I market on Etsy and my husband for encouraging me."

Thank you Linda for sharing with us, your beautiful creations! Please visit Linda's shop by clicking here
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