Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini Cecile and 6 inch doll play fun from Creations by Deevee's Etsy shop

I recently ordered Mini Cecile, from The Book Depository as they are way less expensive shipped from the UK then for me to order from the American girl stores.
I am so thrilled with this doll. She is truly beautiful and her 6 inch outfit is very well made and true to the 18 inch doll outfit.
 The mini dolls have a ton of doll play potential and they are truly delightful to have in your collection. Etsy shops such as Creations by deevee offer hand made outfits and accessory patterns to keep you busy playing with your 6 inch dolls.
Here pattern for furniture for the 6 inch dolls are fun and easy to make.
I love this outfit complete with shoes offered for only $8.50 in Creations by deevee's Etsy shop

The outfit even includes the shoes!
I have been fortunate enough to have received a wonderful outfit from Creations by Deevee and I love how it looks on Mini Cecile.
The mini boots are adorable and so easy to put on.
I am so thrilled with the quality of her work and recommend her highly for anyone who has 6 inch dolls and are looking to enhance the quality of their doll play with accessories and clothing for their dolls.
I hope you will visit her Etsy shop at  creationsbydeevee

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  1. Mini Cécile is too cute! I definitely want to add her to my collection one day. You can't go wrong with the mini dolls, and those books! I almost like the miniature books better than the dolls themselves as I adore miniature books in general.

    I love those little boots from the creationsbydeevee shop - so cute!