Friday, March 2, 2012

18 inch Sew *Able Dolls* . Amazing Dolls for Amazing kids!

As a doll lover and a Mom with two kids with special needs I was thrilled to find out about Sew Able Dolls. Though my kids do not have visible disabilities I have always hoped that someone would come up with dolls for children who would truly benefit from a doll that is just like them .

"Open your eyes...  See what I see?
A beautiful child looking right back at me!
My legs may be different, my hair may be too,
But I know that I'M SPECIAL and Sew Able like you!
I can see with my eyes all the beauty inside you
If you look deep within, you will see it too!
I know it's not easy to feel down and out, so...
Reach Out!  HUG ME!
That's what love is about." 

Sew *Able* Dolls    offer parents, children and doll lovers alike the opportunity to "adopt" and 18 inch friend with amazing potential just like themselves.

From dolls in wheel chairs to dolls with prosthetic limbs and dolls with out hair this wonderful company has not only addressed the needs and demands of  families with children living with life altering illness and ability. Sew *Able* dolls  have "picked up the ball"  where the larger doll companies have simply dropped it or turned a blind eye. These dolls are priced around $100.00 and are worth every penny!
These dolls come with (*and you can purchase separate) realistically created accessories and therapy equipment.
  This line of dolls is truly special.
I am astounded by  the attention to detail and charmed by the sweet faces of these incredible dolls.
Another wonderful thing about Sew *Able* dolls is they have both boy and girl dolls.
As well as dolls who do not have hair.

These wonderful dolls all come with background stories and are full of doll play potential and love.
To find out more about these wonderful dolls please visit their website by clicking here
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