Friday, March 16, 2012

How to make Feather hair accessories for your doll

I am so thankful to Eva of  SewCrazyArmywife 
for today's post!
To create doll sized feather hair accessories Eva used :
-a mini bobby pin
- some hemp twine
- violet blue iridescent beads
- 2 lilac craft feathers 
First she looped the twine over the bobby pin,and knotted it, tied a knot on each cord and strung a few beads knotted, then she added the feathers, sticking the feather end into the beads. She secured it with craft glue, let it dry and then put it in her dolls hair.

Eva's shop SewCrazyArmyWife, offers some of my favorite and timeless outfits, all her work is hand done and mostly hand sewn.

I have used dresses made by her in my posts on my blogs and on Doll Diaries. I love her work and am fascinated by her hand sewing talent.
The above dress is one I wish I had in my own size! I love this style.
Her vintage feel outfits and heirloom quality garments are truly a sewers delight.
 A huge thank you to Eva for today's feather craft, I hope you will stop by her Etsy shop today by clicking here
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  1. Wow, LOVE this craft! I might have to make it for myself too...

  2. amazing!!!!
    I WILL make one for myself too.

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