Sunday, March 11, 2012

Color her world Green swap from my Swap-Bot group

I love to make doll clothes. my swap group on Swap bot has a monthly color swap and for March the color was green. I was so excited to make this outfit. I loved it so much that I made two so I could keep one. 
 The top is made from a pillow case I bought on sale and never used, the skirt is made from a favorite pair of my worn jeans, the belt from some vintage seam binding making this green outfit truly green!
Up-cycling  used clothing and materials is a great way to help the environment.
In this outfit envelope I also sent green stick on earrings, green hair elastics and little green hair clips. I also found a great shamrock necklace at the dollar store that when doubled makes a great doll necklace or hairband.
If you are making your own doll clothes remember to hang on to your old clothes for materials!

My partner a favorite swapper of mine sent me this wonderful outfit she made, I love the Shamrocks and the socks!  I love how well placed that large Shamrock is! Love it! So happy to do these monthly swaps!
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  1. I like both outfits! The pillowcase/fabric is wonderful. I love sewing for my dolls, too. :) ~ Melinda

  2. Thanks Melinda! I love the outfit I made and the one I got! What fun!