Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brandy's Glasswear and Treats set!

         My girls love Cecile and Marie-Grace's new 'Glassware & Treats' set.  
My goal was to make something similar with things I found in my craft bins or around the house.  
So...this project cost $0....even better!

     For the fruit bowl, I used one of my glass spice bowls and a nail polish
      remover bowl.  I turned the nail polish remover bowl upside down.  I used
    glass glue and glued the spice bowl to the nail polish remover bowl.  The
       girls already had various doll fruit.

        For the glass pitcher I used an empty liquid makeup jar.
  I removed all labels and cleaned it thoroughly.
FYI: rubbing alcohol is a great way to  remove makeup residue from the inside of makeup jars.
 I then applied stickers to give it a painted look.

For the glasses I used communion cups and again used stickers to give it a
painted look.

For the plate I used a candle pillar plate and decorated it with stickers to
give it a painted look.

For the beignets I used tan foam paper cut into rectangles.
***Measurements For the beignets The tan foam was 1 6/16 inch by 1 inch rectangles.  I made four of each. All sit nicely on a 4 inch pillar candle plate.
  I hot glued a  pom-pom in the middle of two pieces of foam paper to give it some depth.

 I then used tacky glue and white glitter to recreate a powder sugar look.

I am so happy that Brandy showed us her Copy Cat craft! The above photo is the set from American Girl, Priced at  $68.00. While it is beautiful, I love how Brandy captured the spirit of the set in her craft for her girls.  Thank you Brandy for sharing your amazing talent with us today!

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  1. This is fantastic! I will definitely use some of these ideas. :)

  2. There is no end to Brandy's Talent, she blows me away every time she emails me!

  3. LoVe it! In the future could we get measurements, like in the valentines post? Just helps me find things to use a bit easier! Thanks!

  4. This is wonderful... with all the price increases, it seems like I will be making replicas of my favourite American Girl accessories instead of purchasing them.:)

  5. Chris sure I will ask Brandy for them!

  6. I love this!!! So creative you are!!!