Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glasses for your 18 inch dolls

Today I thought it would be fun to compare some of the wonderful doll glasses available on the market today.
I have worn glasses since I was 5 years old and though I now wear contact lenses most of the time, Glasses are way more fashionable and desirable then ever before. Doll company's such as American Girl, Springfield Dolls, Maplelea and My London Girl have taken notice and  offer today's doll lovers an excellent selection of doll glasses.
 The glasses worn and shown above are American Girl, Springfield and My London Girl Doll glasses.

Starting with the American Girl doll Glasses.  I love the weight and scale of these glasses. Priced at $8 they are my second pair of American Girl Glasses and the better of the two I have.
I also have a purple pair I bought at the Texas American Girl Store, they are much heavier and thicker then the blue pair.
Both look fantastic with all my modern American Girl doll clothing.

Next the Springfield doll glasses which are so very reasonably priced and the most easily accessible. You can pick up a pair on line  for $3.99 and in store at Michaels the craft store in Canada and the USA for under $5.00
In the USA you can now purchase the above glasses for your dolls! These are simply fantastic!
I love Sprindfield Doll clothing and Accessories as they truly work well on all 18 inch dolls.
I also love that you can easily pick up Springfield items to add to any gift giving occasion and thrill any doll lover.
 For those of my readers in the UK, You know how much I love My London Girl Dolls and in store you can pick up these fantastic glasses for your dolls for 5.50 pounds. The My London Girl glasses have the best case by far with a Velcro closure.

I know that many other companies sell doll glasses, I am thrilled that Maplelea also has a great  glasses for their dolls as well the above shown are $6.50 per pair.
Bottom line the fact that doll companies recognize the importance of fashionable and necessary accessories for our dolls makes me so happy!
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  1. I love doll glasses! I've worn glasses since I was 3, so having dolls who wear glasses is a MUST around here. I think I've had glasses on all of my dolls at various times, even those dolls who don't normally need to wear them on a regular basis.

    I have four or five pairs of AG's brown rectangular glasses; I love them so much!

    I am really glad to see that other doll companies have glasses, too. Glasses really seem to suit the Maplelea dolls!

  2. Oh my goodness! I have been looking for 18 in dolly glasses that looked like mine for ages! Your My London Girl Doll's glasses are PERFECT! The sad part is, I can't find them on the website and the shipping is outrageous. They look exactly like mine! I wear contacts now as well, but I still put on my ol' glasses whenever my eyes hurt ;D

  3. Hi Ladies! Thanks for your comments, I love the My London Girl Glasses as well they are an in store purchase! Thanks to my sister I have them!
    You never know what you can find when you look on the internet Gali Girls have some great wire ones I will keep my eyes out for other glasses and keep you posted!

  4. Thank you so much for posting where I can get little doll glasses! My daughter just started wearing glasses and she has been asking for a doll. The only doll that wears glasses in the journey girl collection(the ones she is really wanting) Has brown hair instead of blond.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. There are now some wonderful dolly glasses that you can easily find for our 18 inch dolls. I have worn glasses since I was 5 and I think having these accessories for dolls is wonderful!

  6. What is the best way to keep the dolls glasses on so they do not fall off while playing? My daughter just got her first American girl doll with chocolate brown glasses that make her look just like my daughter. Only problem they keep falling off. Any suggestions?

  7. I think just like kids you can tie a ribbon on them so they will stay or just take them off, I too have this problem. I may need to make something!