Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day of February Leap year! 29 Dolls To Celebrate Leap day with !

"Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty-one
Save February, she alone
Hath eight days and a score
Til leap year gives her one day more."

So today I thought I would share with you my favorite 29 dolls, starting with Chrissa of course.

Number 2 on my list and next on my list to purchase has to be Ivy, with the exception of her met outfit, she has to be my next favorite doll.
  Samantha is my third favorite doll and a doll I have two of! 
 4th place has to be Rebecca. Really this doll is beautiful, my niece Trinity has her and I am quite jealous! Rebecca and her story are wonderful.

5th place I have to say I love Kit, and hope to one day add her to my doll family
 In 6th place this just like you doll is one of my all time favorite dolls
 in 7th place Ceclie is also a very beautiful doll who I think has the most beautiful face and is a doll that any doll lover would be thrilled with.

In 8th place  Emily, she is an adorable red head for sure.
 In 9th place Maplelea's Doll Saila (is a doll I own and love)

 In 10th and 11th Place are the Red heads Jenna from Maplelea and Olivia from Springfield Collection
 In 12th place I love Madison from Springfield Dolls

My London Dolls captured my heart earlier this year and I have to say that in 13th  Amy and her auburn hair make her an obvious choice. 
 In 14th place another wonderful My London Girl doll Olivia
In 15th place Gali girls red head doll with her long and lovely red hair.

 The wonderful 20 inch dolls of Australian Girl Dolls have to be my next 5 favorite! They are incredibly made and simply beautiful.

The next 4  have to be the journey girls, I love their faces, and though their eyes do not open and close the way American Girl,Maplelea and Springfield Dolls do, these dolls are wonderful and very fashionable dolls you can find at Toys R Us in both Canada and the USA.

 So that puts as at number 25 the Our Generation girl dolls from Target are also in my top 29
 Next up are the Madame Alexander dolls, Haley, Shelia and Chloe, bringing our list almost to a close. 
Batta dolls like the one shown above are some of my most favorite dolls to rescue. They are wonderful dolls who were really a head of their time.
 I hope you have enjoyed today's list of favorite dolls. It is really hard to put my favorites in a particular order. 
I hope you enjoy your leap year day!
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  1. Dear Karen, I just thought I would warn you about the color of Emily's hair. It's very good quality and so soft, though it's short enough it looks weird in a ponytail, but it's a tad darker than the AG photo and more of a gorgeous slightly dark copper color, more "natural" than Springfield and Maplelea. It's more lifelike, too, all my redhead pals are closer to Emily than Olivia. And just a side note - I HAVE to mention her eyes!! They are just such a gorgeous blue! The colour of her dress brings them out, and when you hold her up and look at her in the eye and not through an AG Place glass window, it's just WOW. I would totally recommend her, she is such a beautiful yet under-appreciated doll!
    Your reader,

  2. WHOA! You have 2 Samantha dolls? Golly, happy leap year day! :) Your blog is awesome.

    Mary - actually I think her hair is less of a dark copper color and more like Mia's, and pretty true to AG's pic. Maybe you have a "fluke" doll? I agree on the eyes and length though. She is a beautiful with beautiful eyes!

  3. Karen, my friend is doing a project for school about dyslexia, and I told her how you have dyslexia and that maybe I could get an interview with you on what it feels like to have it?
    Here are the questions if you would like to help her:

    1.What is it like to have dyslexia?

    2.What can you tell people to do when they have dyslexia? (I mean like, something inspirational.)

    3. Has dyslexia been a challenge for you? Is it difficult to have it?

    Thanks Karen!
    Also I have Rebecca and she is BEAUTIFUL! I love her hazel eyes and chesnut curls! My only complaint is that her is a bit thin... but I love her anyway!

  4. I would love to Marina, have her or you email me.
    For those of you who wonder though:
    1) As I have always had Dyslexia I do not know what it is like to not have it, it is sometimes very frustrating and it is hard to get people to understand that it is a real situation and not just something I made up or say.

    2) Never give up. Though I struggled with reading all through school, I finally mastered it and enjoy reading, it took many years. Focus on things you love and the difficult things like reading, writing, spelling and math concepts become more understandable with practice.

    3) Having Dyslexia is both a challenge and a gift. The challenges still effect my daily life in math, spelling, typing and writing but I work through it with ways I have learned to adapt. The gift is the way I think, write and create are as much apart of me as dyslexia is. It is difficult to have dyslexia, I think it is at times but as I have gotten older and learned how to cope and deal with my abilities has made it easier to handle. That and thank goodness for calculators, spell check and my disability is really one of my greatest gifts.