Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Wonderful Free Poncho Pattern For Those Who Crochet!

I love the way the internet connects us. I subscribe to Creative Jewish Mom's website and they have a great feature called Craft Schooling Sunday and this week they featured this doll poncho from Lanas de Ana's Blog. 

I long to learn how to to crochet and this pattern reminds me that I need to get myself to a class.
Check out Lanas de Ana's Blog by clicking here and I highly recommend Creative Jewish Mom.Com
for so many wonderful craft ideas.
 For some reason the pattern is now missing for the doll, but as I clicked through the links the pattern was based on this one  click here for the original pattern

 For the pattern: This is from http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/2010/10/13/about-ponchos-and-pattern-d/
All you have to make is a chain big enough to enter through Baby (or Doll) head and a multiple of 8: (It is very important that the chain is a multiple of 8!! For the baby I made a chain of 72)

and after that you follow this graphic pattern:

I am truly sorry for the missing pattern and hope that it can be adapted from the one above.
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  1. There are no actual instructions on how to make this - I have searched through both sites, but just links to the pictures. Would have been lovely if there had been a pattern for those who have difficulties...hmmm...perhaps when I am feeling better I will do one.

  2. http://www.lemondedesucrette.com/2010/10/13/about-ponchos-and-pattern-d/
    Sorry for some reason the pattern had disappeared I clicked through the links and found the poncho the doll one was based on. I am truly sorry and have no idea where the instructions went.

  3. Thanks Karen......This looks perfect!!!!

  4. I hope this is okay I worry that it is not enough to go on, not being able to read a pattern myself.

    1. Don't worry Karen, when I make it I will write notes, and let you know if there are any alterations(which there will probably be) for making AG size. :-)

  5. You tube is a great place to learn to crochet! Check out "crochet geek". ;). She's amazing, I learned a lot from her, have fun!

  6. Just clicked on your link via Pinterest and what a surprise to find you giving me such a great review, not to mention that I totally forgot that I featured this on Craft schooling Sunday! all the best and happy holidays!

  7. I used a chain of 63 for Kip (American Girl doll) and only one color (because I'might lazy). Thanks for the pattern! (I have a pic to share, if I can figure out how to.)

  8. Thank you for sharing this pattern! For once I am perfectly happy with how it came out, on the first try! I used worsted weight (regular) yarn, a G/6 hook,and my starting chain was 40. Fits my AG and bitty dolls. Came out so cute, I can't wait to make more. Only took me about an hour to make. Thanks again for sharing!