Friday, March 22, 2013

Come Take A Look and Bid on this 24 piece Autism Awareness Collection on Ebay!

There is a wonderful auction going on now that is near and dear to my heart, this is an Autism Awareness Auction that is the brain child of Amy Bray of Lemonhead103, She has organized some of Etsy's Top Doll designers who contributed handmade items to create this one of a kind outfit for 18 inch dolls.

 This Ebay Auction has just been posted! Click Here to view the Ebay Listing

Hat by Cape Cod Curosity's
"April is Autism Awareness Month and we want our dolls to help spread awareness. This listing is just in time for April.  This one of a kind 24 piece set for American Girl Dolls and other similar sized 18 inch dolls features products that are hand made by several Etsy sellers and one seller who sells through her Facebook Page.  All proceeds from the sale of this auction will benefit Autism Speaks. "

Outfit by Mini Me Dolly Divas Etsy Shop 

"The American Girl Doll featured in the photos is for illustration only and is not included in the auction. This listing includes handmade items and small pieces. It may present a choking hazard for some children so please use discretion when purchasing. It is not intended for small children. The set includes: A hat from Cape Cod Curiosities on Etsy   This red doll hat is lined with adorable multicolored polka dot fabric and has sturdy construction. It has a striped hat band and puzzle pieces on the side.  A well-dressed doll needs a hat to go with her outfit for a cause and this is a beautiful hat. It is in a square hat box. The outfit from Mini Me Dolly Diva’s on Etsy The outfit is a three piece set that features a blue machine embroidered doll t-shirt, a tan skirt with puzzle pieces and striped leggings."

  "The shirt is all ready for your doll to help spread Autism Awareness as she proudly wears it. It is such a cute outfit that is fun and fashionable.  It comes in a box. The shoes are from ABeeLine on Etsy  This handmade pair of shoes is tan with puzzle pieces across the toe and one on the back of the shoe as well. They come in an adorable doll sized shoe box."

 "They are just too amazing. They perfectly match the tan skirt. The Jewelry and Lunch Bag from Lemonhead 103 on Etsy The handmade jewelry in this auction includes 2 necklaces that are sized to fit your doll, 2 necklaces for you to wear, and 7 bracelets for your doll, one with a clasp, one tie on wrap bracelet, and five stretch bracelets. The jewelry features the colors of the autism awareness logo and puzzle piece charms. It is made of silver tone metal and glass beads, acrylic beads, stretch cord, and cotton cord. You can mix and match the pieces."
"The lunch bag is machine sewn and hand painted. It has a Velcro closure and a ribbon handle so the doll can hold her own lunch bag.  All items come in one box. The doll sized lunch is from Dolly’s Doll food on Facebook  The polymer clay lunch that comes in this auction includes one peanut butter and jelly sandwich, 2 cheese and peanut butter crackers, 2 carrots, and 2 sugar cookies.  It is non-edible.  It is hand made from polymer clay and is intended to be used as props for doll play only.  It has a ton of detail in the food.   There are 7 pieces of food in all.  The food comes in a mini paper tote bag.     PayPal Payment only is due at the end of the auction.  United States Shipping is 10.00"

I hope you will visit this Ebay Auction not just as a doll lover but as a mother with 2 children who have Autism. I am so truly moved that so many wonderful people in our Dolly World care so much and donate their time, skills and talent!
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