Friday, March 8, 2013

Huge Spring Sale at Springfield Collection

There is a great sale going on right now at Springfield Collections Website. With 20% off and free shipping on orders over $50!
Now is a great time to stock up for Birthday Parties, Party favors and Easter baskets.

These are my favorite Springfield Collection accessory and you will love them too! On Sale for  20% off of $4.99, these are an even better deal! Click here for online sale .

For those of you looking forward to Easter and if you are helping the Bunny this year,  these fit really well inside a large plastic Easter egg, so do most of the outfits and shoes Springfield Collection offers!
The Fuchsia Romper is on sale too! You have to come check it out. I love this outfit, so easy to get on and looks great on all 18 inch dolls!
Come check out the Spring Savings at Springfield Dolls be sure to use the code SPRING for the 20% off your purchase.
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  1. Karen how many AG dolls do you have and which ones are they?? :) What other dolls are in your collection??

  2. Hi Sabrina, I have two Olivia's, 1 Madison, and I have bought at least 6 other Springfield Dolls as gifts for my nieces and for birthday gifts for parties.

    1. I know you have Ivy and Chrissa what other American girl dolls do you have? :)

    2. Can you please answer my question above? :) ;) :)