Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Madelon's Brilliant Dolly Whoppy Pie or Oreo's Fun Find

 I took a look at Target's dollar section recently and found felt floor protectors in their dollar section. Immediately I thought of making Oreo style cookies.
"I trimmed one down and left the sticky back on for the cream filling."
"then I added another circle on top and your cookie is complete!"

Serve with your dolly's favorite drink!
This is such a great fun find, a do it yourself cookie kit for Kit!
Thank you Madelon for this yummy fun find!
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  1. Wow! How clever! I saw those felt floor protectors at Target but never even thought of that.

    However, I did get a little set of post-it notes (they're called page flags on the package) that look just like little, doll-sized note pads.

    I just recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying reading my way through the archives. So many good, crafty ideas!


  2. So wonderful to know you have found us! Thank you for taking time to comment! I hope you will continue to enjoy our work!

  3. Your blog is amazing! Love all the cute craft and re-purposing ideas!