Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rainy Day (or Snow Day) Pick Me Up Patterns I recommend

We have been experiencing heavy rains for more then two weeks now and nothing beats the weather blues for me then creating fun outfits for my dolls, nieces dolls and swap partner dolls. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite patterns from Pixel Dust Designs 

Pixel Dust Desings  offer customers patterns for doll clothes, shoes, accessories and more.
 How exciting to be able to get your dolls wardrobe ready for summer while the snow or rain is still falling here in North America. From Beachwear and Saddles to warm winter knits and crochet you will be pleased with the selection offered in Pixel Dust Design's Etsy shop  
New to knitting, take your talent that much further with this adorable ruffle skirt! Pattern offered at $3.99. Think of how many of these you could get done for the up coming gift giving season, birthday party loot bags or for each doll in your collection.
With all the wonderful colors I saw at my local craft shop these are sure to be a hit with my nieces! Click here for shop listing.
Crochet a Beach hat for your dolls and when you are done come over to my place for tea and teach me how to crochet! I love this hat and I know you will too click here for shop listing.
New to the Stacy and Stella line of Pixel Dust Design's is this Chevron Throw Blanket and Matching Pillow! This is a great pattern to start with I am told and I know so many doll lovers would love to receive handmade doll items like these as a gifts! Click here to view the shop listing.

If you love everything about winter and are a knitter why not try out this dolly sweater that is by far my most favorite pattern on the market for 18 inch dolls. I know this would look amazing in blue or green! Click here for listing.

Love the sweater as much as I do? Take a look at the scarf and hat pattern that matches. I can not get over how adorable this set truly is.
Do you have a color printer? All the patterns on Pixel Dust Design's are PDF form and even if you do not knit, crochet or sew you can download your own printable magnetic paper dolls! This set also includes your own Stacy and Stella Paper dolls and all the outfits for a fun rainy day or snow day "busy work activity" for the doll lover in your life. Click here for listing offered at $2.99

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday where ever you are today. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and Pixel Dust Designs. You can visit Pixel Dust Designs by clicking on any of the highlighted words here in my post or by clicking here.


  1. I wish that I could knit! I've tried to crochet but I've just never had the patience for it.

  2. I love the paper dolls! They are adorable! Stella & Stacy so wonderful patterns and are easy to follow...