Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brandy's St. Patrick's Day Party for Dolls

Today Brandy shares with us her St. Patrick's Day Party for Dolls!

"My daughters love the holidays.ALL holidays!!  So they wanted their dolls to
have a St. Patrick's Day special treat too."

 "Here is how I did it:

Table Cloth and Napkins:  were made out of remnant green fabric.  I hemmed
with a basic straight stitch."

" "Leprechaun Cake":  was made using a 3 inch round artist sponge found in the
paint section of my local Michael's Craft Store.  I cut it into 6 sections
using an electric knife.  Next I wrote the number 1-6 on the bottom so I
would know which order they fit into.  The top and back side was painted
with green puff paint.  Once dry I used a heart and triangle hand punch to
make a shamrock design to top each slice.  I chose a multi-colored rainbow
pattern to make it more festive."

"Shamrock Cookies":  I made a shamrock pattern and traced and cut it from
tan foam paper.  I took green puff paint to resemble frosting.  While still
slightly wet I sprinkled on real rainbow candy sprinkles.

"Lucky Doughnuts":  These are green Fruit Loops.  I took green puff paint to
the top.  I also added green sugar sprinkles.  Once the paint was dry I
sprayed the doughnuts with gloss sealant.

"Green Root-Beer":  Was made using green pom-poms placed into plastic mug
shaped cups.

"Pot of Gold Centerpiece":  I painted a tiny terracotta pot black.  I then
wrapped a Styrofoam ball with gold colored mesh.  Then I inserted a shamrock
decoration from the craft bins at my local Michaels store.  Finally, I
placed rainbow stickers on the sides of the pot.

Have a lucky day!  Brandy
A huge Thank You to Brandy for this wonderful Holiday Spread!
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