Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Etsy Fun Finds for 18 inch Boy Dolls from Lostina Jungle's The Beach Shack! .

A week ago I received my first 18 inch boy doll from Harmony Club Dolls
and I received my first order for boy doll clothes from Syd Ingram of The Beach Shack Lostina Jungle
I chose the shirt shown on my boy doll above because it is something my own three sons would wear, age appropriate and fashion forward. 
Syd makes the most desirable t-shirts for dolls and I have purchased 3 of her shirts now for gifts and for myself. This Boba Fett shirt is just one example of her great eye for what boy dolls should be wearing offered at $10 this handmade shirt is a great deal !
Click here for shop and listing.

Every boy doll must have a few fun graphic t-shirts in their wardrobe and this four wheel shirt would look great with shorts or jeans, click here for shop and listing.
Shaun White inspired Shirt, Click here for shop and listing

I asked Syd about her work and she shared the following with me...
 "I've been making doll tees for my own dolls for about five years now. I've never been into the historical fashion or dressy outfits... I love the brand Roxy, and wanted my dolls to have surfer/beach style clothes, but I was never able to find what I wanted in other etsy shops."

"I started doing boy tees around the same time, because I had the same issue with the boy dolls as well. People were selling cute things for boys, but little suits and such didn't fit my guys' "personalities". That was frustrating, so I stopped looking all together, and just made my own!"

"My favorite shirt pattern is Liberty Jane's Trendy Tee pattern. I've tried other patterns, but I love the way this one fits the dolls."

I wondered how long it takes Syd to make a shirt from start to publishing....
"I spend about an hour and a half on each shirt, which includes cutting out the pieces, sewing it up, and photographing it for the shop."
Bright Blue Graphic T-shirt Click here for Shop and listing.
Syd sure has her finger on the pulse of what boy doll lovers want to see for their own dolls. Click here to visit Syd's Etsy shop Lostina Jungle's The Beach Shack and see for yourself how much fun these doll shirts are!

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  1. My friend Danny has the Batman shirt on the header picture of Syd's Etsy shop. He loves it!

  2. I'm really liking these boy dolls now. I think the brown haired one looks like my son. I didn't know that Harmony club made boy dolls before.

  3. The Harmony Club boy dolls are so cute! Their eyes do not close but their facial expressions and wigs remind me so much of my own boys. I love these dolls, I also like I am not re assigning an American Girl Doll which just did not sit well with me.

  4. Where can you find the boy dolls? I would like a blond hair blue eyed one for my son!

    1. MY GIRL CLOTHING CO Etsy Shop does a great job!

  5. Where can I find the blond hair blue eyed boy doll>?

      I recommend My Girl Clothing Co on Etsy