Friday, March 22, 2013

Springfield's Yoga Outfit A Spring Must have!

I am so excited about Springfield Doll Collections new Yoga outfit. Madelon and I both agree that this is a must have set for spring!
Priced at only $8.99 this adorable set will fit most 18 inch dolls.
The clothes come with a warning that to prevent staining dolls, pre wash and do not leave clothing on for long period of time. I think this is a good time to remind you that it is a great idea to change your dolls clothes regularly. I also believe that if you are storing your doll for a long period of time do so with out an outfit on. Not only are these best friend dolls our favorites but they are also investments of time and money and if stored properly they can be loved and handed down to the next generation of doll lovers.
The colors and style of this Springfield Set are spot on and I highly recommend it! Springfield Collection has a sale on line until the end of the month offering 20% off of Spring Favorites and using code SPRING and if you order more then $50 your shipping in the USA is included free!

If you are new to the Dolly World you can also pick up Springfield Dolls and Accessories at your local craft store, both Michaels and Jo-Ann's.
I also had to show you the back of this fun outfit, I absolutely love this set!
With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be fun to mention that it is so easy to put doll clothing and accessories such as shoes in to the plastic eggs we all see and love at our local stores. Why not include some of these in your child's Easter Basket this year?
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  1. Hi,
    I'm glad I stopped by here. Glad to know about not to leave clothes on doll too long.

  2. Welcome Helen I hope you will stop by again! we are happy to have you!