Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Dollar Store Gem! From My sister Bre-Anne!

So my amazing Sister Bre-Anne in Montreal sent me these photos of an item she found at her dollar store, a Pet Accessory that doubles as a holiday hat  for her daughters doll, Horsella (My niece Trinity's dolls name..she likes horses and get the point)
Here is Horsella modeling this great Dollar Store Gem!
For $1.50 you have a no fuss doll play accessory, that requires no sewing or gluing and will make a great Halloween costume next year as well!
Thanks to my sister Bre-Anne for finding this Dollar Store Gem to share with you!
Horsella is modeling a shirt from a great Etsy shop I frequent called Doll Clothes By Peg I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP!
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