Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Queen`s Treasures Tea sets and beautiful Drop Leaf Wooden Tea Cart

I am so excited to share with you what I got in the mail yesterday.
This fall with the help of Doll Diaries I discovered the wonderful website and store called The Queen`s Treasures.
The Queen`s Treasures offers a beautiful selection of heirloom quality furniture and accessories for American Girl and other 15-18 inch dolls.
I was so taken by the items offered by The Queen`s Treasures that my wish list of items I would like to have from this shop (not just for my dolls but also the wonderful items they offer for Tea parties and events)  that my list rivaled that of my children's Christmas list combined.
I also love that the items offered at The Queen`s Tresures are very affordable, the quality is exceptional and I love the fact that the items are part of a collection but also stand out on their own.
I fell in love with the Drop Leaf Wooden Tea Cart for American Girl dolls.
One of my very first memories is of a Plastic Tea Cart I received when I was about 3years old. I got it as a gift for Christmas from my Great Grandmother. I remember how much I loved it and I still think about it today more then 34 years later.  I also remember that as it was plastic and made in the 1970`s and it did not last very long. This tea cart on the other hand is so well made, that I see many hours of doll play a head of me with my nieces and their dolls.When it is not being used for doll play, I still love how it looks on my shelf!
I was so thrilled when I opened the box and felt the weight of the real wood. It was so easy to put together,  had it together in under 3 minutes, with out help.
Once it was together I had to get out my Antique Rose Porcelain Mini Doll Tea Set, I had previously ordered from The Queen`s Treasures. 
 I have been collecting Old Country Roses Patterned dishes since I was about 15 years old. I have always loved this pattern and when I saw the Antique Rose Mini Porcelain Tea set, I new I had to have it for my dolls.
In my house, I have adult sized tea cups and saucers, demitasse sized for my nieces and now I have the Doll Sized tea cup and saucer that I think is a great match.

I love tea parties and the act of drinking tea is something I enjoy in my tea cups and saucers daily.
I recommend taking out the good china daily and enjoying a cup of tea for your self, it is the perfect way to spend a ``Me moment`` for yourself.
I also think it is important to help pass on the tradition of the tea parties by allowing your children to use your good china, if you are not comfortable letting them use your own, I recommend the wonderful sets that The Queen`s Treasures has to offer, not just in Doll Size , they also offer Child size and Adult size sets as well

I love the child sized  and adult sized gift wrapped tea cup and saucer sets offered by The Queen`s Treasures they make excellent gifts and party favors. 
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