Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is a Menorah anyway? Here is an explanation and how I made my own Menorah for my doll play collection

Today I wanted to share with you an easy way to create a doll sized Menorah for your dolls.
Maybe you have Rebecca and like her story, but have not purchased the set from American Girl Doll for Hanukkah. Perhaps you would  like a Hanukkah craft to do with your family, or to add to your homemade doll play collection. Here is a link to an easy and inexpensive way to share this holiday with your doll.

But first what is a Menorah? A Menorah is a Candle holder that holds 9 candles. The candle in the middle is the largest or highest and is called a Shammash. This candle is usually in the middle and is the candle that the families light first. Then they use this candle to light the others, one per night for 8 nights. The photo above is of Rebecca's Menorah from the American Girl company. It is beautiful and well made. American Girl also sells another version, which is my favorite, shown below. Both of these treasures would make great additions to any doll play collection.

I understand that you can find all different types of Menorahs some traditional and even some more modern and fun ones with with soccer balls etc.

To create my doll sized menorah I used a box of blue birthday candles from the dollar store, the kind you would place on a birthday cake, as well as two packages of 1' wooden candle cups shown above, I found at Michaels the craft store. I had to buy two packages as there was only 7 in each bag. They were under $3 a bag. I also used some paint, wood pieces and hot glue to create my "Menorah" for my doll play collection. I am really happy with how it turned out!
To make your own Menorah  click this link to my Doll Diaries Tutorial

I am not of the Jewish faith, but I respect this special time of year and am happy to share with you this holiday craft.
Hanukkah 2011 is celebrated from Sunset on December 20th and ends on December 28th at sundown. If you happen to be of the Jewish faith and would like to share more information about this and other Jewish holidays with me please email me at 
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