Monday, December 19, 2011

Dollie and Me outfits for girls

This is a fun post for a mom of three boys let me tell you, having 5 young nieces who fit the adorable offerings from Dollie and Me brings a smile to my face for sure. How much fun are these outfits? I love how they looked on my nieces for their Christmas photos this year and I wanted to share with you my personal family photos for this post.  Thea, pictured above really did not like it when I put the bitty baby in the dress, she wanted the dress on her big Dolly and was not so thrilled with me at first but she did get her wish for her family photo.
Laura was thrilled to share her Doll sized dress with Chrissa. and this short sleeved dress works perfect for not just the holiday season but also for winter birthday parties.
I loved the flower on the hip in this dress, even Chrissa's dress has smaller matching one.
:Last year my niece Trinity and I had a very special time when she was here over Christmas. She had just gotten her doll Horsella in New York before landing here in Vancouver for Christmas. She is really the reason so many of my crafts and ideas have been published for all of you.

Trinity looked so adorable in her dress last year  and Horsella, still fits her dress, this year and Trinity's dress has been passed down to another family.
The line Dollie and Me is available on line at in Canada, though I have been told that it will be discontinued at the store level after the holiday season. I have spoken with the team at Dollie and Me and they will let me know when and where the line will be offered in Canada.

I understand that Khols had the most wonderful red sweater outfit! I wish this came in my size!
Dollie and Me has some wonderful styles that are not available here in Canada but I follow them on Facebook at
 I hope that this line continues for years to come and I hope they come out with a version for Auntie Dolly and me....I am just putting it out there. If they do this Auntie is ready to purchase 5 matching sets for her nieces and one for my self and my doll Chrissa!
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