Monday, December 5, 2011

How to get the Doll Salon look for your doll at home

If you have not been lucky enough to have made it into an American Girl Doll Store for a salon experience for your doll, today's post is just for you!

While I would highly recommend the American Girl Store Salon as an experience for every girl I know that for many of you this is not an easy to access service. So here is how to give your doll a similar experience.
I do highly recommend the book or the kit

I do have the kit which comes with a great video, though dated the video does help a novice "hair stylist".
Any of these would make great gifts for aspiring stylists this gift giving season.

If you do not have a wire wig brush for your doll you may be able to find a wire wig brush at a salon or pet store near you. The wire wig brushes do not split your dolls hair and regular brushes or combs will.
To add the salon look to your dolls hair you can add some craft store ribbon comes in a variety of colors and for under $1 can really dress up your dolls look.

I have the American Girl doll Salon Chair and while I love how it looks, it is not always the best way for styling a dolls hair. I find it is easier to put your doll in front of you and hold her. I also have the sweet treat chair which is also a great way to style your dolls hair as both this chair and the salon chair keep your doll still while you are styling her hair. I also love the other versions on the market of a Hair Styling Chair. They are taller and available at Walmart and Target Stores. To read a review I did on these chairs click here

 My friends over at Doll Diaries have a great new doll hair video you can watch by clicking here 
For more Doll Diaries fun check out Doll Diaries you tube  movies as well.
For cleaning your dolls non cloth body, baking soda and  a baby wash cloth can help remove surface dirt . Never put your dolls in  water.
Another wonderful site I recommend is
Check out the fantastic things happening there!

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