Sunday, December 4, 2011

Create a holiday table for your dolls easy wood working project!

Today I bring you guest writer Stephenie Weber of Westfield, Indiana and her  fantastic Doll Table Craft. This craft touched my heart as so many girls out there long for a table like the ones offered by the American Girl Doll company but few of us can afford the adorable sets. Here is a cost effective and creative table perfect for any doll lover.
Here is how Stephenie made her table...

A table seemed easy enough to make, dolls always need tables, right?

I went to a craft store, probably Michaels, and picked out two plaques from the finished wood department and one candle stick. I'd take a doll along and stack it in the store, to see if you like the height for your doll. 

Then, I went home and took out the metal part where the candle goes and used 2 screws to attach the plaques. My husband showed me how to use a countersink part to make the screw flush with the top of the table and then we used a bit of wood putty to cover the screw.
I love how Stephenie's table turned out! 
You could also sand and stain the table to any color you choose. The plaques at the craft store came in many shapes for the table top and you could make a wide range of tables to accommodate more then just one doll think about how many table shapes and possibility you could create using pre cut wood piece as the craft store!
Thank you so much again to Stephanie for sharing this fantastic idea with us today. 
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  1. This is a great idea! We do need more tables for the dolls.

  2. Thank you for commenting I love how this one is made! Let me know how yours turns out!